PC lackeys are a bigger problem than the actual one

Original YT playout date: 10 August 2008
Duration: 5:56

The Muslims may want to change England into their own system, but that’s their way. They can’t help themselves and converting under duress and fighting for more and more territory is all they have ever known. The ones who *should* know better are the western namby- pamby liberals who won’t let us protect ourselves and our culture because they are still shocked by what happened under fascism in Germany, and what was done to the innocent Jews. And so now we daren’t stand up and react assertively and protect ourself even when it is warranted, as now when a real threat to our culture and society comes along, not just the economic success of a different group within our diversity, which anyone is welcome to. These people are programmed by their deen to destroy us and the Jews together, and it’ll be all down to people in our own group who have liberal ideas they naively sucked in from the media, and also people like lawyers who win rights for these people in exchange for making money for themselves at the expense of everyone else in society.

Can we finally understand that “politically correct” is a way of saying “incorrect” and bring some common sense and assertiveness back in the way we deal with these people? The ones who should be vilified are not the misguided believers in Islam, who are the victims in this anyway, but the people who are from our society but who are standing by and applauding or denying as Islam gains ground in Europe. If they want to know what fascism really is, all they need to do is wait till Islam is in control in Europe. But then it will be too late.”

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One thought on “PC lackeys are a bigger problem than the actual one

  1. P.C. is another form of escapism that is denying reality in favour of euphemistic wishful thinking. Changing the words used to describe a situation or groups of people or ideologies in no way changes the reality of them. Sooner or later the reality has to be faced and I’m afraid it is now a little too late for this in Britain and the rest of Europe, thanks to our misguided liberals and left wingers.

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