Uncle Davey’s Herts Content S2 E10, My Mother’s Garden

Original YT playout date: 20 August 2008
Duration: 13:28

This is a little cameo piece showing my mother’s garden and the facade of the house I grew up in. I consider it a privilege to have been born to sensible, loving parents and able to live in a nice environment. I only hope, with the UK going the way it is, that it stays that way for more children growing up. As it is, I see both positive and negative trends, with left-wing rule in our country threatening to reduce the glorious heritage into a drug fuelled mess observed by riot police and people in rooms with screens up the wall linked to CCTV on every corner.

On the other hand, if we are only able to assert our culture and our values, we shold be able to restore Britain to what it was, even with the people we have now in the country, and their very diverse backgrounds. If we look at the way we have re-emerged in the arena of sport, I think that we can do this in other areas also.

Sport has been able to function because there has been more by way of funding than by way of regulation.

The other reason is that in Sport the best are identifiable. Not everyone is a winner.

In a situation where 30% of A level students are presenting with A grades, and the universities have no way of telling who the genuinely deserving candidates are, our precious higher educational resources are not being allocated according to merit. Also the cutting of grants which was done under labour, not the conservatives, means that all in all a very average child with rich parents has a better chance of graduating a university in today’s Britain than an outstanding talent who happened to be born to a poorer family. This is not the way forward for our country.

What I did not expect so soon, but knew would one day come, is that this garden is no more. It only exists now in photographs and films. My parents are both departed, and so now, just 5 years later, this home was sold and the buyers simply concreted over all of this space for parking. All the plants are gone. One Forsythia I took back to Poland but it did not thrive.

Everything changes. We learn as we live longer to appreciate the people we love and get the best from them that the short time allows.

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