From Russia with love to Lazy Silesia

Original YT playout date: 30 August 2008
Duration: 23:18

Katya Zheleznova from Samara in Russia weds my friend and fellow evangelical Christian Przemyslaw Gola in the delightfully named Silesian town of Lazy. I was priveleged to be invited to attend. Events conspired for me to be too late for the ceremony, but here is footage from the marriage supper afterwards, and some photos of the happy couple and guests. Polish viewers don’t miss Przemek’s internet portal on – it has the biggest audio library of sermons in Polish anywhere online.

It’s ten years down the line now and I am happy to report that they are both still doing well, though now based in the town of Lazy, not Warsaw any more, so I don’t see them that much. I should go and see them at some point.


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