Uncle Davey’s Big Marathon Failure

Original YT playout date: 4 October 2008
Duration: 40:24

This was quite a milestone ack then in 2008, just over eleven years ago. I got down to my lowest weight, 116 Kgs, and was able to get 8 kms into the Waraw Marathon before being carted off.

This year, 2019, I discovered keto and got for the first time since then down to less than 116 – in fact before the christmas Break I reached 113.6 kg, but without attemts to run. Nevertheless, I did follow the Warsaw marathon course this year for much longer, without runnung and starting one hour early. I made it to a personal record of walking, but of course I will not be happy until I have actually managed to walk in a day 42,5 km, and hopefully I will get there in 2020… and maybe even 50km in 2021, God willing. Watch this space.

Quote of the clip: You can’t get any worse than last place in the marathon, it can only get better!

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