Wo mei wangji – ni wangji wo! 我没忘记你忘记我

Original YT playout date: 30 November 2008
Duration: 3:28

“I haven’t forgotten. It’s you who forgot me! You can’t even pronounce my name right. It shows everything you ever told me was lies – let’s see what you’re going to tell me today.

You told me you were going to come and see me in a couple of days, but that was over a year ago. It’s not easy waiting more than 365 days. I’m not in your heart at all. Give my love back to me.”

Sophie and I perform this song which I was introduced to in my youth by a Malaysian Chinese friend Bee Chew Yoo.

My thanks go to Martin Chen of Strategia China for helping me to an mp3 and to the lyrics of this song.



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