Maid in Denver (or “You fill up my Minibar”)

Original YT playout date: 25 December 2008
Duration: 3:28

I snatched a few moments back in the Grosvenor House hotel to do some of the singing I usually don’t get the privacy to do, and this turned out to be no exception! As least she didn’t start joining in, although that would have been a laugh. What she may have thought of the “let me lay down beside you” just as she was making the bed I have no idea, but I didn’t plan it!

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Location: Grosvenor Hotel
Other people featured: Maid
Genre: Me singing without intros.
Music used: “You fill up my senses”
Languages used: English
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2 thoughts on “Maid in Denver (or “You fill up my Minibar”)

  1. Thanks for this David. It really got my chuckle muscles going as Ken Dodd,(may he rest in peace) might have said. I wish I had your Chutzpa or rather more accurately self-confidence. If I tried to do what you were doing (apart from not singing as well) I’d have shrivelled up when the maid came into the room ! I’m very fond of John Denver’s songs and his unusual singing voice. Coincidentally, I have just been learning the guitar accompaniment for Annie’s Song. Well sung….maybe I can back you on guitar one day 😉

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