Train of History

Original YT playout date: 3 February 2009
Duration: 30:40

History is like a train, with one carriage inexorably drawing the next one on, the track already laid ahead of time, the only matter for discussion being how much delay there will be and how well you can keep occupied on the journey.

So what better place for me to review H G Wells’ Short History of the World? Enjoy!”

Quote of the clip:  “There’s only one problem, that’s not my train”

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Location: In a train in Poland, leaving Warsaw Central Station (which is really not nice, but at least it’s fairly safe) on the Kaszub to Gdansk.
Other people featured: Matt Hollick, Stuart Heron, Jo McAfferty,
Genre: Travel, Book review
Music used: None
Languages used: English, and some “Russian” German.
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