Huliganov’s Cookery Show #3 – Lithuanian Sandwiches

Lithuanian sandwiches, Huliganov Cookery Show, culinary, Elena,

Original YT playout date: 8 March 2009
Duration: 6:42

Following on from the success of “Huliganov Salad” and “Streets of Philadelphia”, Viktor Huliganov showcases “Lithuanian sandwiches”, in which at least one element, the bread, actually comes from Lithuania and the other bits can easily be found there. Probably.

No Lithuanians were hurt in the making of this sandwich. No Lithuanians have probably ever actually eaten this sandwich. The latter may account for the former, and vice versa.

Quite a lot of humour in this film.

“It’s too much, believe me!”

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Other remarks: “It’s not the Develey you know, it’s the Develey you don’t know”.

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