Original YT playout date: 12 September 2009
Duration: 11:45

You wanna know what ceremony there is in Poland when kids go to school at the start of a new year? This is the inauguration of a new year of school. I don’t remember any pomp and circumstance like this when I were a lad in England. We didn’t have school songs, school flags, we didn’t sing the national anthem, and take oaths, and swear lifelong allegiance to the country. We did in the scouts of course, but not at school. Maybe we should have. But from my eyes, all this is entirely unfamiliar. Maybe the American viewers will recognise it more. You’ll see Sophie in there enjoying herself with her classmates, and the footage is from about two years ago. (The September 2008 at the beginning should say 2007, but what the heck) I didn’t put it up fresh as I have only just worked out how to get my mini DVs into the computer! (Don’t expect any technical prowess on this channel.) Enjoy.

The gent in the pencil drawing in the back wearing Sennheiser PXC 350 cans is Grzegorz Piramowicz, by the way. The school itself is named for this doyen, if that’s the word, of education, who implemented Jesuit rigors in the education system in East Poland, was very active in standard setting in the teaching profession, and stubbornly remained a Jesuit until the last day when the Order was outlawed by the Vatican in 1773, and the order wasn’t restored again until 1814, or 13 years after his death.

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