Thoughts on the nihilism of David Uncleborough

There was a discussion in the Australian edition of the Spectator about how this doyen of British broadcasting has slipped ever more into an anti-human stance, even stating that the planet would be better off without us.

The guy has had an immensely charmed life and while he is not the only one to be blessed, what you can say about those who are greatly blessed is that they fall into roughly three camps.

1. The So-Whatters. Those who seem to take it for granted and see no need to be thankful. Frankly I find such people equal and opposite to the handwringers and equally wrong.

2. The Hand Wringers. People who feel guilty about about the fact they had it better than others and feel as though it would be better if everyone was engulfed in equal misery. Communism is where that ends.

3. The Thankful. People who believe in and worship God understand that He gave them the blessings they have. They examine their lives and say, I was blessed here, I was challenged there, God sometimes took away. I regard myself as blessed and bless God’s name. I read that where much is given, much is required, and so I do what I can, but simply giving it all away to all comers cannot be the right answer, as God could have done that in the first place if that’s what He had in mind. My job is to turn ten talents into ten more, and not be surprised if one-talent guy even has to give me his one.

At the outset of his career we might have thought Uncleborough was a 3 but he seems to have found his way into the 2 camp and this does tend to happen with those whose faith in a creator and Redeemer is weak.

If you wanna be a Job, you gotta know that your Redeemer liveth. Job had a lot, lost the lot, accepted the sovereignty of God in giving and taking, and then got back everything he lost and more.

But while he and his mates got into a mode of whining about environmentalism and other guilt-trippy tropes, God came along in a whirlwind and slapped them all verbally about the head.

I don’t want David Uncleborough to die, despite him chucking Spicer off a bannister and trying to get the lovely Carol Marsh to shoot herself as a kid, and then chucking a bunch of walruses off a cliff in his dotage, I want him to be thankful to God, faithful and believing, and then to live forever in paradise which I fully expect to have even more new species in it than the old one had.

David on the Komodos Islands, in search of the last living Sealeocanth.

It is not possible for this universe to have been a better place without humans, for, as shown in John’s gospel and other parts of the Bible, without the fact that this was to be the home and stage for the history of salvation, where God the Father would give to God the Son all those souls He had appointed for Him, God the Son, our blessed Jesus Christ would never have made this world and this universe in the first place. Yesterday’s blogpost on this Channel should have made it clear to you why that can be stated unequivocally.

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