Huliganov and Friends Christmas Variety Show

Original YT playout date: 24 December 2009
Duration: 19:50

“The show that is so dire that I would not dare to show it at any other time of year, although this is actually being reblogged on HTV in the middle of Summer.

You may be wondering where the Christmas Linguistic Quiz is, but owing to the fact that I had a strike earlier, which meant I went on strike, I didn’t do the preparation for that one early enough, which means we’ll roll over the prize money accruing on http://www.oioioio,com for next time. There’s very little there so far anyway. So I decided just to chuck together a few things that haven’t been played out yet some of which I recorded in the first half of 2008 and wasn’t sure whether to play out at all!

Maybe some people will find something to amuse them in there somewhere…”

***Statistics and Credits***
Views at the time added to HTV: 227
Likes at the time added to HTV: 9
Dislikes at time added to HTV: 0
Popularity % ” ” ” =L/(L+D): 100.0%
Comments at time added: 4
Total interactions at time added: 13
Total interactions to views 5.7%
Location: Home
Other people featured: Just me, in various guises, including Lucjan O Poworocki, Viktor Huliganov, and Bernie Mansfield
Genre: Sketch show
Music used: Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, and Auf Fluegeln des Gesanges as well as “Ich brech die Herzen der stoltztesten Frauen”.
Languages used: English, German,
Animals/plants featured: None

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