The Star Child – Сказка о Звездном Мальчике

Original YT playout date: 3 January 2010
Duration: 2:361

From the old soviet children’s film archives comes (thanks to my wife’s Belarus connexions) this well-known film based on a story by Oscar Wilde – the Star Child who drove away his mother, and then came to realise the enormity of what he had done. This is the whole film, in two parts of roughly equal length. Happy Russian Christmas! С Рождеством! (I put it up for Russian Christmas in January, a tradition time of year when this used to be televised).

Almost every Russian will tell this film immediately from the signature tune. It’s part of everyone’s childhood.
For years this was allowed uninterrupted coverage on my channel, but after some time copyrights were asserted by some private organisation claiming on IT had the right to the public works paid for from everyone’s taxes. I had not placed adverts on it as this was a Soviet asset and for the Russian and other Soviet people. But now, you will see, there are. And I’d like to know on what basis someone is now making hay off of a common heritage. There are many likes but the 7 dislikes could maybe have been from people who think the beneficiary of this advertising is me. This is not the case, as any content creator will know very well. On the other hand I never was in trouble for showing it. They didn’t push their luck on that side, all they did was insist on ad revenues.

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