Huliganov’s England – 4/4 “Germy Claxon werry bed men!”

Original YT playout date: 21 January 2010
Duration: 10:24

Huliganov negotiates the underground railway on London, but comes face to face with none other that “Germy Claxon” himself! Or at least a poster thereof, advertising his latest bilious att-hacks. Huliganov is putting up with none of the nonsense this atrocious human being writes, and shows that even from his face you can tell that he is a no-good style character.

This is before Claxon ever even got sacked from the BBC for punching his producer in the face, as proof of how “werry bad” he is. I hope this was not a self-fulfilling prophesy. There is always grace in our Lord for you, Germy, anyway.

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Location: London
Other people featured: Huli and Germy Claxon,
Genre: Travelling
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