Collecting an Indian Takeaway from Raszyn

Original YT playout date: 14 March 2010
Duration: 7:25

Just felt like switching the thing on and talking with you while I was driving…

The restaurant in Raszyn was closed a long time ago and turned into an auto-tuning place. The other restaurant that was owned by the same people was sold to a Polish guy, and now it has gone totally to the dogs. I helped it through the CV crisis by intentionally buying, but I have lost patience with it now. Many of the other aspects of this video are the same in my life now, but restaurants in Warsaw really come and go, and I tend to miss the good ones. In some ways the new ones make up for them, but in some ways they don’t. Maybe I am too big a sentimentalist – if I ate less at the restaurants I might be a less big sentimentalist…

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