Russian Cat Fun

Original YT playout date: 21 March 2010
Duration: 6:06

The Russian idea of a cat is something that can catch enormous rats and is a fearless fighter, so as we don’t have any rats and I don’t approve of buying them from the petshop for the purpose, that basically leaves other cats in the neighborhood for Pushkin to fight (the supply seems to be rapidly depleting) or Irina. Pushkin, like his poetic namesake, seems to enjoys his duels, and when he’s had enough “Russian fun” then he walks away. Sophie sometimes wants the scrap to continue when Pushkin is already tired of it, but I have to stop her natural part-Russian inclinations and allow the cat to live in peace.

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Music used: One Russian song I cannot remember the name of, apparently Sormovalainen laulu, by Georg Ots, which I know because they made a copyright claim. Doesn’t sound very Estonian to me, but I suppose if he performed it he has the right to name it in that language… to me…
Languages used: Russian
Animals/plants featured: Bengal cat,

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