Is this what you are afraid of, Western Europe?

It’s very simple, Western Europe. You can destroy yourselves with your naive so-called progressive policies involving handing over Europe to those without roots here or any idea of what we represent in the name of a tolerance and humanity they will not understand and merely dismiss as weakness – an algorithm by the way programmed into their philosophy, if we are talking about the main areas sending folk to us.

You can destroy yourselves, but don’t try to destroy us. 

What do you think you will do, starve us when we have the most food? Freeze us when we have the coal? Not let us work when you have no workers? At the moment the stupidity of your communists in conservative clothing is such, that we simply will follow our chosen style of politics and regroup and rally around them, so that you will no more effect regime change here than you could in the desert. 

This is not Ireland, this is not Italy, this is not Holland. We have been under left-wing rule and we know precisely where it leads to. Can you not accept that we, with all our history, might understand something you don’t?

Or is that what you are afraid of?

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