If an enemy ran up to a tank and tried to put C4s on it, what would the tank driver do?

Someone asked me to answer this as a fish tanks question.  It doesn’t look like the fish kind of tank, but if it is, then I imagine the tank owner will remove himself from the vicinity as quickly as possible on seeing the C4s, whatever they are.  If there are irreplaceable fish inside he might try to net them and carry them away in a carrier bag with water. For sure he or she will look for a replacement aquarium quickly. Obviously it’s not a situation any fishkeeper hopes for.

Supplementary question

A Quoran called Patrick Zhong then replied to the above with the question “Please inform, how do you drive a fish tank?”.


I replied “Very carefully, otherwise all the water slops out when you accelerate, brake, or turn corners.” Patrick then said “And how do I safely turn the fish tank in place at high rotational speeds to generate a whirlpool without killing all the fish?” My answer to this is as follows:
It helps if the tank is round and you take out internal decorations but keep some planting and caves at low levels. If having a whirlpool is the aim, instead of rotating the whole tank, which in the case of a round tank will result in movement of the glass and gravel while the water tends to use its inertia to move less, you should install two internal filters too strong for the tank pointing in opposite directions.

Short-term solutions

Or if you only want one for a short time, stir the water with a wooden spoon.

Driving, but not necessarily a fishtank.

In addition to what I already wrote it’s also necessary to point out that some fish species like slow water and would not enjoy a whirlpool tank.

Others are quite happy with water moving at 1, 2 or even 3 metres per second. Rivers vary, and so do their inhabitants. For a tank with a theme of fast moving water, Ameca splendens and Pseudogastromyzon would be my choice of inmates.

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Question as answered: If an enemy ran up to a tank and tried to put C4s on it, what would the tank driver do?

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