What do we make of apparent scriptural inconsistencies?

What do we make of apparent scriptural inconsistencies?

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Some Christians pretend that the apparent scriptural inconsistencies just don’t exist, they try to ignore them and read on or brush them under the carpet. It is a way of faith, but not a way of very strong faith.

On the other hand, It is better if we can try to see what it is that the apparent inconsistency is intended to be saying to us. Maybe it is an error of translation in some versions, in which case we can go back to the original languages. This obviously doesn’t apply to the Book of Mormon, where you can’t do that. However, I don’t recommend treating that as scripture anyway. Or the Qur’an for that matter, where you also wouldn’t need to refer back to the original language as Muslims are supposed to be reading in it anyway, so that the nonsense doesn’t become evident on translation. How weak a faith is that, by the way?

Don’t expect to understand everything, but expect that in God’s time you will understand

So accept that some things appear to our logic irreconcilable, and try to work out what that teaches. There are doctrines, for example the doctrine of the Trinity, is a reconciliation of such apparent inconsistencies. If these seeming inconsistencies were not there to be reconciled, we wouldn’t have such a strong base for the doctrine.

The discussion here doesn’t start at that point, but develops in that way after a few minutes. Enjoy.

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