Silence is Goldlist?

Just thought I had better drop a note to let my faithful subscribers know that there is no cause for alarm that I have fallen off the wagon for regular posting.

In fact it is all down to a major sea change in how my family and I are going to be be living, and where, from now on.

After many many years being based in Warsaw, 18 of which in our current home, we decided to go for a new phase of life further west in Poland, in fact almost as far west as it is possible to get without needing special permits for buying property as a foreigner in the zone near the German border, which is half and hour by car from where we are going.

More will be revealed as it happens, and regular updates about that project will be interspersed with the other streams of material, namely the categorisation of my YT channel and the re-purposing of my Quora stuff which they’ve been threatening me to remove. Certainly the most interesting of the content will be the new project.

I will not promise to do much on here before the 1st of July, as the move and also the year end at work is really a case of everything happning at once, but I do plan to get back to regular posting in the second half year with this new mix of content including regular updates on this new project and place that we will live.

Suffice it to say that the main part of this project for now is actually a hotel, so regular readers of this blog could, if they so wished, come and stay at our hotel near Zielona Gora and have discussions in person about any of the things on here that may have entertained you over the years. Anyone who is a follower of this blog will get a special deal.

So if anyone was thinking that my silence was all down to increased goldlisting, I am sorry to say that this is not the case, my average lines per week has also fallen right down to about 40% of usual, and will need to be resumed with renewed vigour later in the year.


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