The Agroletnica site is practically ready

For those of you interested in the Agritourism ranch we have taken over and are now running near Zielona Góra, the new website for it is here.


We invite you to have a look, and also make a booking. The place offers you excellent value for money even without a discount, but for regular visitors to this website we can offer you 20% off the published prices, mainly because I would like to meet with many of you and interact in real life.

For polyglots or language students this would also be a great place to run immersion courses for three or four days.

For visitors from America, Japan, etc, who would like to see some major world cities in Europe, thos would be an ideal base from which to day-trip out to four major cities: Poznań, Berlin, Wroclaw and Dresden. Zielona Góra is a pleasant and historic city in its own right, and the countryside around Letnica is often viewed as the nicest in the country, with its rolling hills, clean rivers and lakes and seemingly interminable forest.


Your thoughts welcome, by all mean reply also to other community members!