Thursday Poll – Valentines Day

Good morning, and it’s another Thursday, so time for another Poll. Today happens to be Valentine’s Day and so it seems fairly obvious what the topic of today’s poll should be, after all, Valentines Day won’t fall on a Thursday for another 11 years (it’s true, check the calendar if you don’t believe me) it’s either now, or in 2030.

Well I have to say I still hope this blog will be going strong in 2030, and hopefully have more going on ][=[p-than now, but nevertheless it’s quite a long way down the road and one never knows what will happen even this year, let alone in eleven years, it is all in the hands of God.

So there’s no time like the present to participate in a Thursday Poll (remember we vote on Thursdays to honour the British tradition of always having elections on Thursdays, and 60 million people can’t be wrong, can they?) so here it is:bitmoji1565841643.png


As always, feel free to comment in the comments area to this post. Please vote and share with all your Valentines.

Thursday Poll #5 – EU or UK – who’s wearing the trousers?

In today’s news, Mr Juncker has taken any kind of further renegotiation of the withdrawal agreement off the table. The backstop is what it is, so it is, as the Irish say, so they do. or at least Mr Darth Vadarker, the leader of the Teashop or whatever it is they call their parliament, does. It seems we don’t have many friends in Ireland, or if we do, they’re not being very vocal and they may need to go and kiss that Blarney Stone of theirs.

So we are left with two options. The withdrawal agreement was already voted on and ought not to be presented again in this Parliament without amendments and amendments are not forthcoming. Hence we are left with two choices:

1) No-deal Brexit
2) Cancellation of Brexit by the withdrawal of Article 50.

The option of a Second Referendum was taken off the table a long time ago from the government, and no delaying of March 29th is likely to be allowed without a U turn on that.

There being only two remaining options then, here’s today’s Thursday’s Poll:

As ever, please feel free to add your comments below.

Thursday Poll #4 Should the BBC Boycott the Eurovision Song Contest?

This is the fourth Thursday poll, a new initiative started at the outset of 2019.

In today’s news, there are several “cultural figures” (although the definition for what constitutes a “cultural figure” is not given. Certainly Peter Gabriel has written some very nice songs but he should stick maybe to singing about the Salisbury novichok business and not get into international politics) are saying that the BBC should be boycotting the Eurovision song contest because it is held in Israel and that’s not very fair on the Palestinians.

Please tick all of the below statements you agree with:

Please go ahead and argue your corner in the comments below.

Polls – The Ultimate Tool for the Blogger…

So, dear readers, today is a Wednesday and according to the new plan which I laid out yesterday, Wednesday is polling day, which is unlike the UK where the tradition is to have ot on Thursdays and maybe I missed a trick there, in which case we can always change it later on.

Please note that there is a Polls section in the side navigation which easily takes you to various polls created here in the past.

The rules are simple, please go ahead and vote in the poll and you will see how others have voted to this point, and you can look at it again later on to see how that develops. The Poll should be URL linked to stop multiple voting from one place, as well as from one account. Of course, this doesn’t quite guarantee that nobody can change the poll but this is probably not one of the major opinion-forming fora in the world and therefore I don’t think anyone will go to the trouble of skewing the vote here, all it is is a bit of fun to see what other readers think on a variety of issues.

Today’s topic comes from the news and namely the news that the New Horizons Probe has sent us back a message from its fly-by of Ultima Thule, a name from mythology describing places outside the known world, especially the most northerly known point, which is the common name for the Kuiper belt body more formally known as (486958) 2014 MU69, when it has its dinner jacket on.

What’s your view?

Please comment and discuss all you like here, rather than in Polldaddy.

Do you believe in the Apostles’ Creed?