Occupy your minds

Dome of the Saint Paul's Cathedral seen from T...
St Paul's Cathedral - named for the one who said "If any man shall not work, neither shall he eat"...

I think we have seen a lot of unrest for the sake of unrest this year, starting with the riots in London and other UK cities which basically reverted into looting. Little wonder that there was panic in St Paul’s Cathedral when a protest event took place right in front of it. At first they thought that the same thing could happen and they closed it to visitors in case someone decided to set light to it. After a few days of reasonably stable behaviour they have now re-opened but they have negotiated that a route of evacuation be kept clear at all times.

With regard to Occupy events, I can well understand ordinary people starting to be fed up with the status quo. The god of this world runs amok in the finance system and people see no further sense in anything, and yet they seek sense. They want to work in most cases – there are people who need to be given jobs in order to work, as not everyone has the entrepreneurial gift and successive governments have failed to nurture those with the entrepreneurial gift for the simple reason that people in government itself tend not to have it and they have little empathy for those who do and the kind of economy they would need.

These protestors however have a confused message that they are sending out – on the one hand they protest about capitalism, on the other they are annoyed with the way capitalism has been bailed out – which in itself was not a capitalist act it was a big-government, socialist style act which actually most right wingers were not in favour of. Traditional parameters of what is capitalist and what is socialist have become completely blurred and instead we have parties all saying the same clueless thing, and nowhere that we can put our votes with any kind of confidence that the people elected will do what they promise to do.

What they should be protesting about is “bigness”. Big government hand in glove with big multinational companies and big banks. Small businesses and medium sized businesses which could give everyone work and lead to a fairer society are squeezed out. We need to turn away from mega-organisations and big-government initiatives that only feed the unseen elite few who are in many cases linked up to satan’s organisation in this world. Globalist businesses, banks, and a globalist government agenda are hurrying in a state of affairs ripe for the take-over of Antichrist.

Where Christians could join in wholeheartedly is a protest against a globalist agenda and a big governments agenda. Some of the people in the Occupy protests will agree with us there, some of them seem clueless about what to think and what to actually ask for and what direction to take society in. These ones need first to occupy their minds first, and later the steps of some or other iconic building. Only their dislike of the current situation is clear, and also quite justified. There is no reason at all for Christians to accept the current status quo uncritically.