What do you think originally attracted Prince Charles to Camilla Parker-Bowles?

It’s a “good question”, as these days of course she is rather advanced in years and not exactly pin-up material.  If indeed she ever was. Which is putting it in a rather ungallant way.

“You can wear my poppy, because you’ve got your hand blocking mine and I want them to see we’ve got two poppies.” (PD, courtesy of author Ibagli).

Blue blood and red doth not the royal purple make

If we are talking about a younger version of herself, presumably she looked better. Again, it’s hard to believe she was in the top 1% of available women, when surely that is what a Prince would be able to attract. And we all know the difference between what a man with high position and wealth can attract and what the same man in a low-status job or poverty can attract. Camilla herself was not, of course, exactly rolling around in the squalor of poverty either. And having a double-barreled name makes every pound in your pocket worth thirty shillings. Any financial advisor worth his certificate will tell you that – for thirty shillings.

The good ol-factory gate…

Why pick her? I can only assume they got on well as friends and he felt understood by her, appreciated by her. I assume also that the chemistry between them was good. People are more attracted to others by their scent, which talks to the subconscious mind about what class of auto-immune system the person has, than by a lot of other things. Experiments have been done involving girls and used men’s shirts that came to this conclusion. However, as far as I am aware they never made it to replace the usual “blind date” format on the telly.

We are initially attracted by eyes but once we get close it is the smell which causes the stronger attachment. Presumably he liked her body’s scent intensely. He was even famously intercepted saying he wished to be her tampon. This is very visceral attraction. Beyond the romantic, but very essential. It tells us that he craved a level of intimacy with her which can only be craved when people are ideally matched at a chemical level.

Charlie and the shock olfactory

And although he was afterwards married to a woman who most people regarded as more the 1% of attractive that he should have (not my type but that’s all for the better. We all need to have a slightly different type) he never stopped loving her and moved heaven and earth to get her back again. It was a mistake and one could say even an abuse of his human rights, in fact, that he was not permitted to marry her in the first place.
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