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Huliganov’s Canadian Ehxperience #6 Between Montreal and New York City

Original playout date: 25 December 2007
Duration: 12:20

You must know the score by now, as we turn towards New York, we are on the 6th of the New Canadian Experience which I now amd calling Huliganov’s 2nd North American Experience as we cross over the border into the United States again.
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Huliganov’s Canadian “Eh”xperience – Part 3 – Canadian vineyards and Niagara-on-the-Lake

Original playout date: 6 December 2007
Duration: 6:10

Canada may not be noted as a wine producing nation, but there are some vineyards and here they are.
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Huliganov’s Canadian “Eh”xperience Part 1

Original playout date: 13 November 2007
Duration: 13:36

This was another victim of this awful “audioswap” scam on YT. Instead of swapping out a song you got the whole video damaged and of course in the end those vids didn’t get pulled anyway, they simply started putting ads on them. So they were just vandalising precious memories for nothing.
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