Irina struts her funky stuff



Video number in my collection 73
Production date:    6 September 2006
Playout date:    6 September 2006
Camera:    Fuji Finepix
Post Production:    Windows Movie Maker – heavy use
Location:    Home, terrace and 12th floor. Photos at old place in Szara.
Other people featured: Aunty Irina
Genre: Family
Soundtrack info:    Girl from Ipanema half-karaoke version
Languages used:    Portuguese, Russian
Animals featured:    None
Date added here: 14 October 2010
Number of days this video was up at time of posting: 1 499
Number of views at time of posting: 40 415
Number of views per day: 27,0
Number of comments at time of posting (don’t forget to click through to read the comments!): 22
Comments per thousand views: 0,5
Likes at time of posting: 11
Dislikes at time of posting: 8
Likes to dislikes ratio: 1,4
Votes per thousand views: 0,5
Ratio of comments to votes: 116%


 This showcasing of the charms of “Aunty” Irina was done back in the day at her own initiative, by way of a little potential matchmaking for her – but since she is now spoken for if you like this you’re too late! Hence this is a video that is not listed any more on YouTube. It is up if you know the link, but it’s not being broadcast in the usual way.

It was a very popular film until I took it offline.  The feature of “unlisting” enables me to put some videos in this blog which you won’t find if you only follow me on YT itself without being subscribed to this blog. All the more reason to follow over here as well as on YT!