Eurovision 2010 Scandal

Original YT playout date: 23 May 2010
Duration: 1:06

The Spanish entrant Daniel Digame has a bit of boyish fun, saying a rude word as he leaves the lavatory – presumably talking about what the title of his song refers to – but does that mean that the Eurovision people should be including that in the footage leading up to the big event this week? I say definitely not. I think this is, and always has been, a family show, and that needs to include all the trailers and behind the scenes bits of “reality Eurovision” that have become fashionable this year to put out onto YouTube ahead of the contest. It is a pity that, in addition to all the vagaries of nationalistic voting and the whole questionability of most of the acts being allowed these days to sing in English, which defeats the whole object of a Eurovision song contest – in the old days only UK, Ireland and the tax havens were allowed to sing in English – and the resigning of Terry Wogan, this scandal has to be added to the things that this contest has to deal with going forward. See the original on
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