Never Smile!


Production date: 5 July 2006
Playout date: 5/7/2006
Camera: Fuji Finepix
Post Production: None
Location: Home on terrace

This short piece with me singing the crocodile song from Walt Dismal’s Peter Pan as Sophie rides her blow-up croc in the pool we had mainly for me, four years later, shows up the toys that really stood the test of time (we still have the slide and the plastic truck George is on, but the rocking-horse is gone. The croc is still with us and went to France this summer – where it would have stayed if I hadn’t intervened!). In the main there is far less stuff in general on the terrace – we didn’t have even room for a pool this year!

This has been watched quite a bit, and the stats have been steady at about 500 a month.

Vot “Ono”! Viktor Dmitrievitch Huliganov presents “Imagine”

In response to Bowiechick’s request for versions of “Imagine”, how could Huliganov resist putting together his own version of that classic piece of Communist propaganda?

Bowiechick or Melody herself is a YouTube institution, and is still posting after all these years, but not at rate of several a week, unfortunately. I will admit that watching her early stuff gave me some more ideas and confidence to mess about and be myself on these flms, do characters, etc, so I have nothing but positive sentiment to her. And she has her share of haters despite everything. See to sub to her channel and see the hilarious stuff she has done.

One case in point is the fact that it’s oin response to her call to the YT community that I make my first ever webcam-karaoke film. I did some snatches of singing a capello in earlier films, but this is actually the first time that I sit and do a whole song – albeit in a spoofy way – for the webcam.

The first of many.

Sophie’s “Queen of the Night”

Queen of the Night

Now Sophie is five years old, in this. It’s only the seventh video I put up, out of over 850, but it was a relative hit. With over 100,000 views this is one of the most popular videos on the channel. She sings this much better now of course, so in due course we’ll have to do a “five years on” remake.