Gold List Method for learning to L/T memory part one

Gold List Method for learning to L/T memory part one

I got up at a grievously early (for Sunday) hour in order to appear on Polish TV today, as a result of which there seem to be about a hundred people interested in finding out about this method. This is the first of several films, unfortunately all of them for now in English, but I will do a gold list film in Polish in the near future.

For those who are interested in the Gold List Method, please read the text on and follow the films I am going to upload to this blog today in the order they come.

I hope this helps you. You can also click through to the originals on and see the comments made by other viewers, and some ancillary explanations made by me there in the comments. Please rate and comment and subscribe, and maybe enjoy some others of my 850+ youtube films in addition to the Gold List ones collected here!

5 thoughts on “Gold List Method for learning to L/T memory part one

  1. Can anybody tell me what has happened to the Goldlist xls spreadsheet it is not available on the link given by “uncle davey”. That link returns “error”.
    I really would like to download the spreadsheet.

    1. That was just a graphic thing showing how the goldlist looks. It doesn’t work in a computer. The pictures of the goldlist which I will shortly be uploading will do just as well.

      1. No I don’t intend to use a computer for the gold list for the reasons you gave in the second introductory video. It is really a pictorial close-up that I would like. I look forward to seeing the pictures and thank you for that .
        At the risk of appearing a bit dim, does one run a number of lists of 25 dated headwords concurrently so that each list is revisited on its “due date” or is the intention to work purely in a serial manner dealing with one list and its successive distillations at a time ?
        This is the main sticking point I have at the present time. That and trying to find suitable notebooks for the task ! I am really quite excited about trying the gold list method as it seems to make a great deal of sense. My memory (short-term or long-term !) is not reliable at the best of times so I need all the help available. I am somebody who booked a theatre ticket about one month in advance of the performance and then forgot to go ! I might be unique in this regard.

        Thanks for your reply.


  2. Bardzo chialabym nauczyc sie jezyka angielskiego jednak nie za bardzo rozumiem na czym polega ta metoda czy bylaby mozliwosc opisania tej metody w najprostszej postaci w jezyku Polskim? Z gory bardzo dzikekuje i Pozdrawiam!!!!

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