Introducing Viktor Dmitrievitch Huliganov

This was made on May 27th 2006, when I had been on YouTube already over three months. The day before had been my birthday, and my parents had been here in Warsaw. For my birthday gift they gave me my first ever webcam, and the next day I got on it and started to do characters. Viktor Huliganov was born. This is the first ever Viktor video – he was going to be an amusing shady Russian businessman at first, but developed into more of a crazy professor, once the Russian lessons started. Although, of course, the one does not necessarily exclude the other. This marks the end of my “early attempts” section, and is therefore the last film in this section. With this film I transferred into the next phase of what I’ve been doing on the internet ever since.

Viktor has come to life in more ways than one. He blogs, he makes Russian lessons, he writes books, he talks on the radio. People write to me as Viktor, talk to me as Viktor, some people still think after watching many Viktor films that there really is this Russian dude – more sophisticated viewers are aware that it is a persona but want the persona to live anyway, and so they continue to address and to follow Viktor Huliganov. I had no idea of the success that this would have when I started doing it.

Some people have accused me of doing a Borat, but there are big differences in style on the one hand, but on the other hand, I have been impersonating the Russian accent ever since Sacha Baron Cohen was running around in short trousers. There are many sources for the Huliganov persona, not all of them Russians, actually. If Borat is on that list anywhere it is not high on the list and not with any intention or awareness on my part.

4 thoughts on “Introducing Viktor Dmitrievitch Huliganov

  1. hello Dave,
    I really can not believe that you are not a Russian at all….You really impressed me much..I thought that you were a real teacher in Russian language…a very funny one though….:)
    My true compliments for your acting skills!
    And knowing 20 languages…maybe you might know some Dutch too….
    Spreek je een beetje Nederlands?

    best regards from Rikki, alias ‘Blackmytilus’ at Youtube:)

  2. Ik spreek het beter als ik schrijf. Ik heb het wel voor Goldlistsytem geleert.

    Nice to see you here, Ricky. I hope you stick around. I’m going to let you be the first to know that in the future this will be the main source of fresh material. New Huliganov material will probably be posted here before it goes on you tube.

    First I managed to get my first thousand videos up on you Tube, and here. In here, they would be properly categorised and organised, and also there is no limit to the amount of commentary there can be. Discussions ought to thread properly in WordPress, and there is no silly 500 word limit or however many words there are on YouTube in the comments.

  3. Dear Victor .

    When I first started learning Russian it was a joyful experience until I came across the
    Genitive Case . I am now sitting at my kitchen table starting my second bottle of
    Russian vodka ..If I ever catch up with St Cyrill and Methodius I will cut their balls off
    for the pain caused to me in trying to understand Genitive plurals.

    I need something or someone to explain .

    Ideas welcome

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