Song for Valentines Day

That’s a song I composed and had some help on my YouTube channel with the lyrics – some great ideas received from Patrick and Mike with thanks.

Hope you enjoy this. You can share it and perform it with no commercial use with proper attribution for no fee and no need to ask for permission. Letting me know would be nice, though. I really want to let the song go out and live in people’s hearts, not make money. That’s what true art is all about.

Please share and spread the song this valentines. Send it to someone you miss – even if you don’t have a plum tree in your garden. I know I don’t, more’s the pity!

2 thoughts on “Song for Valentines Day

  1. Thought the title was somewhat Japanese and now that I’ve heard it, the tune will not leave me. I’ll sing it to Berti tonight. Thanks!

Your thoughts welcome, by all mean reply also to other community members!