Wo bu shi zhongguo ren aquatic numa

Production date: 19 June 2006
Playout date: 19/6/2006
Camera: Logitech webcam
Post Production: Windows Movie Maker with effects
Location: Strategia Office on Jazdow, Warsaw.

This is a random piece of mucking around in the office with Sophie, incorporating a bit of Chinese and a bit of Romanian, and showing for the first time the office fish tank. As many viewers actively disliked this as liked it, so not exactly my finest hour, but still more than a thousand a year have seen it. It was an attempt to jump on the numa bandwagon, which may account for the views, as I do understand that Chinese people per se don’t actually go on YouTube…

Actually, the high viewer number is probably due to my expolitation of the central scene where I added in a small film I had made in the Dominican republic when I had a miniscule memory card. It was part of a local samba show. People probably expected to see a leggy dancer and saw me messing about instead, and voted it down.

4 thoughts on “Wo bu shi zhongguo ren aquatic numa

  1. Sophie is so cute in this video. I love her Chinese. You probably know this already, but you wrote 入 rù rather than 人 rén. I hope the poor man was understood anyway!

    1. Even though he took Chinese lessons for years, he learned less than you’d get from the MT Foundation course, was shakey on his tones and knew not one single character.

      Xianzai wo chidao zhege budui!

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