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(As you can see from the insert, this photo was also given by me to Wikipedia and remains there to this day.)
Here’s one of my two pineapple plecos – Pseudorinelepis sp. I don’t find it easy to take fish photos, as invariably either a piece of algae gets in the way or they swim off or turn round and look at me, or I get a reflection, but this for me is a relatively good shot. The fish is a true delight, very elegant swimmers, relatively peaceful, needing to supplement their diet with bogwood The piece you see in the photograph has been diminished in size by their occasional nibblings. (The rock to the left is jasper, by the way, a very good aquarium rock). They have gradually learned to compete for surface food by swimming upside-down and grazing the surface, which looks very odd, and I have never seen this behaviour in a large plecostomid before.

Pseudorinelepis sp., called the Pineapple pleco, is one of the loricarids known to science under an ‘L’ number – in this case L152 – as there are too many to sort out

They are called ‘pineapple plecos’ for the pineapple skin appearance of their armour. These armoured fishes, of which there are so many, are the ideal creature to be found in the fossil record, and yet very few have been found, one of many facts consistent with a major catastrophic flood, but not millions of years of evolution.

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  1. Just a word of thanks for your excellent language program on Youtube. I enjoy your singing and insights into Russian culture as well. I don’t have much understanding of the Russian soul but your lessons are invaluable in this respect as well. Russian grammar seems to be just as difficult as Irish grammar but at least at the moment as far as I can see you don’t have rules for aspiration and eclipsism! or even declining prepositions. I was watching just now the lesson on prepositions – I suppose it would be more acceptable to say for example, a doctor or vet to be inside another person or animal! Like a vet performing artificial insemination on a cow!
    Patrick Cazenove Dingle Co Kerry Ireland

    1. I always laugh when I hear the term “artificial insemination” – after all, they use the real stuff, nothing artificial about it. It’s not like one the snuff movies where they just use some wet mix of rice flour…

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