I don’t get it…

I was passed the following photo which is doing the rounds in the email channels. From the context I understand that it is supposed to be funny in some way, but for the life of me I cannot tell what it is. Can any of the subbers help?


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  1. stephen nelson

    Jeux de mots?

    Bw Stephen Nelson

    On Fri, Feb 8, 2013 at 12:26 PM, Huliganov TV


  2. A rather unfunny allusion to sodomy. This “humour” seems to attract certain members of the species in the same way that smut generally does. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a prude and like most healthy males am in favour of sex, but I find this type of stuff rather boring and infantile. As an aside, I remember reading somewhere that contrary to what some people would have us believe, anal sex between heterosexual partners is not popular. Why would it be when the female human being is already possesed of a tailor-made complement to the male penis. However, each to their own.



  3. Dick Lionheart

    How did you not get that, Herr Huliganov??


  4. kaari_5@yahoo.com

    He has wet his pants.


  5. I think its a pun on the “Keep Calm and Try Anal” tee shirt. Maybe used here by some publicans to promote real ale.


  6. Sure, the girl apparently wants to try it up the ass.


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