RSA 6/10 The Seaside at Camps Bay

Playout date: 19 November 2006
Camera: Fuji Finepix
Post Production: Windows Movie Maker – slight use
Location: Camps Bay, Capetown
Other people featured: None
Genre: Environmental
Music used: A Stor Mo Croi by Lunasa
Languages used: None
Animals/plants featured: A few gulls, seaweed

This has been audioswapped, as the initial Bette Midler track I chose didn’t appeal to me after a whole. Usually I only audioswap (which I haven’t done much of anyway) if someone has a go at me for copyright, but in this case it was a question of choice.

There are some gallery shots here, but not faded yet like I normally do, as I didn’t really know that technique yet. Like I said earlier, this South Africa series was the first series done in that way and the techniques I developed later to do them are only in their infancy in this series.

Camps Bay is certainly a lovely place to go. You may notice the strange helicopter exercise going on here in the later part of the film. I never did find out what that was in aid of and whether it was a real rescue going on or just a training session. At that time I still only had a tiny memory card for the camera – it’s amazing how far technology came in just a few years once YouTube started making filming popular and the demand for these things surged.

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  1. Now finding it necessary to make recourse to petty technicalities in the title—_R_SA? Revisiting? Returning to? Certainly no wordplay on public-key security algorithms, I assume.

      1. Ah, thanks. I was assuming that it was a specific inside joke or coinage by you, so I asked instead of heading to Google.

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