A brave, new country?

Theresa May has stated that the UK will not recognise Catalonia as an independent country and other EU leaders have also closed ranks against this new country, but it seems as though Governments of any country have a conflict of interest when it comes to recognising or not recognising break-ups of other countries We were happy to recognise the break-out states from Yugoslavia or the former Soviet Union.

What individuals think, which is supposed to be the central tenet of a democracy, seems to have been left by the wayside here. Theresa May probably has not asked enough UK people for their opinions to know whether British people are ready to recognise Catalonia as an independent state or not.

This poll is not just for the British. If you are human you can take part in it. Please give voice to your own personal recognition or non-recognition of the Catalan Republic.

Please share all you can so that we can have a nice representative sample of all on-line people from this planet.


Many thanks, whichever way you voted.


2 thoughts on “A brave, new country?

  1. Typo………”I do think” should, of course, read “I do not think” .

  2. David, thanks for your comments on this important event.. You wrote that “What individuals think,……… is supposed to be the central tenet of a democracy” which I think is irrefutable. However, The closest example of it’s origins was in Athens during the time of the trial of Socrates. Was that the TRUE will of the people (men only of course at that time !) or had many of the voters for the death penalty for Socrates been bribed or threatened or both ? There seems to be no fair democratic system in the sense that all people’s opinions are honestly and evenly represented. Even if this were possible, we would still have the tyranny of mass (often uninformed) opinion. Alas and alack, life is a messy compromise. Sadly, it seems to me that power (in the form of money and physical threat) still rules the roost across the globe. I do think the human animal will ever get beyond aggression and violence in all it’s manifestations. We are too genetically close to the chimp, another aggressive animal.

Your thoughts welcome, by all mean reply also to other community members!