RL102 5/2 – Basic Russian grammar lesson 5 part 2

Playout date: 23 March 2007
Duration: 10:53
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Camera: Logitech Webcam
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Location: Jazdow office
Other people featured: None
Genre: Lesson
Music used: “You are always beautiful” by Red Army Choir
Languages used: English and Russian
Animals/plants featured: Ameca splendens in tank behind
Other remarks:

On finishing the lesson, which needed at that time to be divided into two as otherwise the subtitles got compressed and he technology wasn’t available to me yet to sort that out, we then have a joke as usual and a particular favorite song.

The text for those who are interested, is as follows:

“Зажглась заря вечерняя
Над речкой голубой,
Прохладен вечер северный,
А мне тепло с гобой-

Припев: Веселая и грустная,
Всегда ты хороша,
Как наша песня русская
Как русская душа!

С тобою годы долгие
Без горя проживешь,
С тобою, синеокая,
Нигде не пропадешь.


Погоним скоро улицей
Мы свадебных коней.
Ты станешь в жизни спутницей
И песнею моей.


Зажглась заря вечерняя
Над речкой голубой,
Прохладен вечер северный,
А мне тепло с тобой.

Припев: Веселая и грустная,
Всегда ты хороша,
Как наша песня русская,
Как русская душа.”
This is “You are always beautiful” and the original is sung by the legend Evgeniy Belyaev of the Red Army Choir, look out for his work on YouTube.

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  1. I don’t know how your viewcounts are trending, but I hope it reflects what I see as the success of this course: it drives the development of one’s listening comprehension by keeping the expectations just ahead of the “reasonable” learning curve. Sort of Krashen’s i + 1 or the Zone of Proximal Development associated with Vygotsky.

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