Vlak Vlog

Playout date: 24 March 2007
Duration: 18:11

Riding back from Zabrze where my colleagues and I were consulting on the privatisation of the local football team, which used to belong to the council. Introducing the lawyer Margaret, who was my colleague for too short a time, despite being such a lovely and charming person. She refuses to sing her wonderful rendition , and then Huli starts a rant and ends up laughing and losing it on camera talking about people throwing their money on the lottery.

This is a Czech train running from Prague to Warsaw with a Czech dining car, so this is a taste of Czech well before I ever go to the Czech republic and do the Czech vlog which strecthed into more than 100 films. The Diamant Hotel in Zabrze is a pretty good hotel for three stars.

Quote of the clip: “I wish I was so well brought up, but I’m not…”

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Camera: Logitech Webcam
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Location: Train in Polish country
Other people featured: Malgorzata Bedynska
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Other remarks: One of the few vlogs made at 200 km/h at that time.

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