Huliganov’s American Experience #5/10 “into Tornado country”

Original playout date: 30 June 2007
Duration: 11:33

No visit to the US of A would be complete without a Twister chase, and we end up doing just that. This was posted six weeks later, but the actual action took place on 15th May 2007, the day Notre Dame University had a tornado touch down on it. We’re following through very heavy rain in the direction of the centre of this storm, South Bend itself.

Kasia discovers among the other participants at the Century Conference Centre in South Bend an American lady who looks like her doppelgaenger, or twin sister. They sat together at evening meal in the lovely Tippecanoe Place and you can see what fun we all had.

You’ll notice we’ve now been rejoined by Greg Longic who was at the start of the series.
Quote of the clip: I don’t know why it’s called Tippecanoe, there is nowhere you could actually tip a canoe…

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Camera: Panasonic DMZ -FZ30
Post Production: Windows Movie Maker – medium use
Location: Tippecanoe Place, South Bend, Indiana
Other people featured: Kasia Ogrodnik Zawadzka, Greg Longic, other Crowe colleagues
Genre: Environmental
Music used: Gentle on my Mind, Glen Campbell
Languages used: English, some Polish
Animals/plants featured: Park plants, swallows
Other remarks: The behaviour of swallows catching jumping salmon can be seen here and nowhere else.

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  1. A pizza-eating contest (deep dish, better yet) is another U.S. unmissable. I’ll be keeping an eye out for that video.

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