In the Ghetto

Original playout date: 15 July 2007
Duration: 0:38

This is Lucka Street in Warsaw, but you’d have been seriously outta luck if you were living here in the Second World War, as it was the site of the Warsaw Ghetto and Jewish people were held captive in their own heighbourhood, awaiting their fate and the final showdown.

Here we see how it looked 11 years back from the KPMG building and there is a lot new since then. You would barely recognise a lot of the territory now.

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Location: Warsaw Ghetto from KPMG
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Other remarks: Many of the projects rebuiling the old Warsaw ghetto are Israeli funded, as if the Israelies want to reclim the prior heritage of this part of Warsaw and not let the Nazis have won, and kicked them out.

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