Alsace Series #1

Original playout date: 26 July 2007
Duration: 6:56

Developing the idea of “series” from trips, here is the first in another series, namely the Alsace family holiday we had in 2007 mmeeting my parents over at their friends’ place in Alsace. In this first film we see where we spend the first night in Legnica. The second day we crossed Germany and saw among other things a crop fire.

We discuss the way the supine, accepting manner of the British is largely to blame for the rip-offs that you can find there.

We end up near the motorway church in Baden-Baden and I explain my earlier misconceptions about what these German Autobahnkirchen were. We also get a gimpse of a slilted tractor.

Quote of the clip: “Islamabad, Islamaverybad in some peoples’ opinion”…

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Camera: Fuji Finepix
Post Production: Windows Movie Maker – medium use
Location: legnica, Dresden, Baden-Baden
Other people featured: Family
Genre: Environmental
Music used: Ne me quitte pas, by Brel, is the series theme tune
Languages used: English, French
Animals/plants featured: Various plants in gallery, burning crop
Other remarks: A very nice little series recalling a very nice family holiday with Sophie and Tanya. This time, George stayed with Irina.

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