Amecas feeding/Karmiące się Ameki

Friday, February 9, 2018

Original playout date: 28 July 2007
Duration: 2:14

The tankful of Ameca splendens or the butterfly goodeid, which has often been in the background of my videos is the central focus in this film in which I explain the project.

Initially from Płock zoo and procured through networking in the fishkeeping community, I produced this tankful and several more which were given on to other aquarists from a couple of pairs. Under threat in the wild and rare in the hobby, this was a kind of Noah’s Ark project for them.

The project came to a tragic end after some years when the thermostat broke in the heater, causing the water to overheat. Still not all was lost as others had been able to move ahead with some of my breeding stock. But please note it is a “goodideae” to get quality heater stats and not trust them for more than a few years. When they get old, get a fresh one. Bimetallic strips age like anything else.

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Other remarks: The Goodeids are a branch of livebearing fishes with the largest young. There are very few losses from being eaten by parents, unlike in the traditional livebearer. Amecas like to swin fast and have some current. The name “Ameca” is from the native Mexican name of their river, which mens “fast flowing”. Their frenetic activity makes them quite stressful tankmates for usual community aquaria.

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