Huliganov rants on house prices and the childfree “decision”

Original playout date: 31 July 2007
Duration: 15:16

I came in for a fair degree of criticism for this. Don’t care about that. It is quite a high dislike to like ratio, which for my demographic is quite high.

How can property be costing more and more in Europe if the population is coming down and down? This is the nub of the discussion here, as well as debunking the fallacy that it’s not green to have children.

It all comes down to the misuse in the banks. Please note how in this film, which was made in July 2007, I foretell a situation which culminated just two days later in the Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae schemes and the consequent drop in prices and accompanying economic downturn. See this after 12:40 and I assure you I had no insider knowledge, this is just logic and an awareness of what is happening and putting various things together in the economy.

Quote of the clip: “I don’t have very much sympassy for people who’ve been children themselves in the past, vhich is most of us, and don’t vont to give that to ennybody else”.

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