Flu Jab

Original playout date: 3 December 2007
Duration: 1:42

“It’s not a good thing to get a flu jab, anymore. We used to have an annual flu jab for all the family, as you can see going on here, but since the WHO has started to encourage countries to have enforced vaccination, it may be useful to know why this happens. You can look at a film by Jane Burgermeister and find out what has happened to the flu vaccine, especially the so-called swine flu vaccine.

The swine flu is a relatively mild disease, killing fewer people than seasonal flu. Many countries currently reporting higher swine flu deaths are no longer reporting their usual seasonal flu deaths, simply reclassifying these deaths as swine flu deaths.

Squalene, mercury, and contamination with avian flu virus has been found in the new mass vaccine. The items contained lead many people to believe that it is a eugenics weapon or “”soft-kill”” weapon being used to cull off large proportions of the population in stages over the next ten years, in order to delay peak oil, and also to social engineer the position of certain elite groups and families.

I no longer trust the vaccines provided by the health services and the pharma companies. Instead we are taking vitamin D3 and omega 3.

Some people having received the jab have had bad after effects, some have miscarried, some have died. Please do not allow yourself to be given this injection without researching the whole thing carefully on the internet and coming to your own conclusion on whom you believe. Your life, and that of your family, may depend on getting the answer to this one right.”

Once again not great audio as this is the jolly new Panasonic which I wish I never bought.

There’s a lot to be said for not always getting a flu jab, also. The body never gets to really develop a serious immune system if it never has serious illness to contend with, especially in youth. Some years you might well do a live bug chase rather than trust the jab, but don’t make that a year where there are critical exams or pieces of work going on where you really can’t afford to be laid up for a couple of weeks recuperating. Use the inoculations wisely, just as you should be using antibiotics wisely as they also take the strain off your boddy’s need to man ujp and make antibodies, as well as developing resistant strains of disease when misused.
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Other remarks: Flu jabs these days tend not to have mercury in them. The problem is that getting them too early or too late might not be effective. For example this current year (2017-18 not the 2007-8 year shown here) had no HK or Sydney strans in the injection available in Poland in October, so we waited until January and then there was a better version containing the actually more needed strains which were causing the Australian flu which laid low most of Europe also and put a great strain on the healthcare systems. So thankfully we were able to avoid contracting that serious form of flu. Don’t just stick any rubbish in you, as they always could have side effects, it is not just a placebo. Do your reseach and get the one which is best for the season ahead, not just clearance of old stocks.

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