Pushkin’s Pre-castration video

Original playout date: 9 February 2008
Duration: 2:38

If you have an uncastrated male cat then after about eight months, they are going to get into musth, and then they are very frustrated if they can’t go out in search of females. Pushkin was lietrally climbing up the walls to get out of here just to try to find the female cats he could smell on the breeze. Castration is a mercy to a cat if he is not going to breed. It is also part of a contract if you don’t pay the pedigree price.

If you pay a pedigree price then you can have a functioning male and breed him with females also having a pedigree and the kittens are eligible for a pedigree. If you have an animal with a pedigree but don’t pay the breeing price the TICA will not issue any pedigree certificates even if you use him to have kittens with a queen having a pedigree.
If you are not going to breed cats professionally, there is no point in keeping a cat unneutered. It is a relatively syraightforward procedure with little risk and no log-term trauma, which enables the cat to come to terms with domstic exitence and also not to be marking with a powerful scent the whole territory in which it lives.
Quote of the clip: “We will take you to the next level”

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