Uncle Davey’s Herts Content, #1 “Herts is where the home is”

Original playout date: 16 February 2008
Duration: 1:04

This is London, London calling, viewed from a plane as I take Sophie to Hemel Hempstead to see her grandparents and the by-product of this is a whole new series – Uncle Davey’s Herts Content – although admittedly it’s not all in Hertfordshire, this series.

Sophie still at maximum cuteness.

Quote of the clip: “That’s your nation”

***Statistics and Credits***
Views at the time added to HTV: 152
Likes at the time added to HTV: 11
Dislikes at time added to HTV: 0
Popularity % ” ” ” =L/(L+D): 100.0%
Comments at time added: 4
Total interactions at time added: 15
Total interactions to views 9.9%
Camera: Fuji Finepix
Post Production: Windows Movie Maker – medium use
Location: Home
Other people featured: Sophie James
Genre: Family travel
Music used: Series intro is “on Banks of Green Willow” by George Butterworth, 1913
Languages used: English
Animals/plants featured: None
Other remarks: so for this series we stick to my own character without Huliganov, although he comes in now and then…

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