Huliganov’s Turkish Experience #8 – Chalcedon visit

Original playout date: 16 February 2008
Duration: 17:41

The eighth in the Huliganov’s Turkish Experience series. I visit the Church in Chalcedon, or Kaddikoy, where the church had a major council in the fourth century. The style has changed since then, but certain things don’t change…

I heard a very fine sermon in that chuch which I also recorded but the sound levels were too low to use. Basically what was said was how we have as a Church failed to witness properly to the Jews and could barely have made a worse job of it. An example was given as to how Istanbul itself is the home of many Jews who came as guests of the Sultan escaping persecution by the Inquisition, who believed themselves to be Christians.
A nice gallery section is also included. The lads pictures at 13:43 had been following me around trying to ask me about English football teams in Turkish. They needed to get shaken off before I could go into the Church whose outside sign is at 13:36, as I had been asked to arrive and leave very discretely, and having a retinue of the local lads in tow might have been construed at evangeising Muslims, which in fact I am all in favour of, but not in favour of getting others to carry the can if I make mistakes.
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Location: Kaddikoy, Asian side of Istanbul
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Other remarks: Let’s not forget Pastor Brunson, not from this church specifically, but another American evangelist suffering persecution in Turkey. Top marks to Trump for putting his case firmly on the agenda.

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