Russian Fun on the Train

Original playout date: 21 February 2008
Duration: 0:40

This is another of the times when I basically only provided a translation of some clip not available in English to give it a new lease of life. There were not such stringent copyright issues then as there are now, but still in the main owners of these things haven’t been that bothered unless they really wanted to to their own English versions, which for these sketches isn’t that likely as one cannot always guage the humour. Only very visual, almost slapstick styles of humour like Benny Hill, Mr Bean and Just for Laughs have really managed the world circuit. Jokes per se are often simply untranslateable, and at best they create a challenge to the translator, which is exactly why I like to play around with them.

After some years, a company called Marlin Music Group frm Danmark made the claim that the whole audiovisual content belongs to them. It seems a little strange that something from Russian TV should belong to some Danish Music Co, but I really can’t say if it is suspect or not. IP raghts can be traded around the globe. YT accepted the claim, but then again YT has accepted claims without checking as their usual MO, trusting the poster to chime up if he has a right. Which I didn’t anyway in this case.
That’s why I do get a bit suspicious. I only have the fact that Merlin claimed it on YT to go on to believe they had any more right than I did. Whats the upshot? They let me carry on showing it, but they grab all the ad revenue. I can live with that, as it wasn’t why I did these in the first place.

Quote of the clip: “You don’t need to call me, Grandad…”

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Camera: 3rd Party images
Post Production: Windows Movie Maker – medium use
Location: Russian train
Other people featured: Comedy actors
Genre: Translated 3rd party Comedy sketch
Music used: N/k
Languages used: Russian
Animals/plants featured: None
Other remarks: If anyone knows the name of the actors or the sketch show, please add them to the comments.

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