True Pedantry

Original playout date: 26 February 2008
Duration: 22:12

A Huliganov Rant (done now but ostensibly for October 2007, as I missed that month).

What’s this all about? Well, right now, in the UK there are a few books and broadcasts going on about the so-called walking diet or the 10,000 steps diet, all of which revolves around the use of a pedometer, which is like a mechanism clipped onto the belt that clicks a counter forward every time it moves up and down. However, there is a problem with this whole concept, as I show in the rant.

Huli makes the comment about how the presence of bookshops in towns refects the state of a nation.

I mention that I am 126 kg in this, and today I don’t know how much I am but form the feel I would estimate maybe 122kg.

Quote of the clip: That’s vhy typical logic often simply doesn’t vyork as a vay of getting you through life from A to B, vhere a=cradle and b=grave. Sorry to be bringing graves into conversation, but ve need a bit of gravitas sometimes, so zat’s vhy I do. OK.

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Other remarks: Here we see a Freestyle pedometer and a sportline. Once I later discovered Omrons I stayed with them. Still this shows that it’s now been more than ten yers since I have been monitoring my steps every day. I am happy to recommend Omrons and I am sure that there are a lot of modern apps and wristbands, etc, tht really make this look like a museum piece after just ten years, but fine, we have a record of how much change in the area there has actualy been.

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