Huliganov’s Turkish Experience #18 – “Arrival in Istanbul again”

Original playout date: 4 April 2008
Duration: 9:20

This starts the third of my three trips in 2008 to Turkey, which makes up this series, so in a sense I am in the home straight. On this occasion I was accompanied by my boss and good friend Adam, who is keeping quiet during the filming.

We see that Turkey also is really rather a temperate climate, at least around Istanbul, and the leaves are not quite back on the trees.

Quote of the clip: “I get my kapis and my yapis muddled up”

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Camera: Panasonic DMZ -FZ41
Post Production: Windows Movie Maker – medium use
Location: Istanbul
Other people featured: Driver
Genre: Song, Family
Music used: “Dudu”, Tarkan and “İstanbul Ağlıyor” – Tarkan
Languages used: English, Turkey
Animals/plants featured: Naturally occuring vegetation
Other remarks: We see the Ayasofya in the last shot.

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