You Tube – The End Of Civilization As We Know It (yeah right)

Original playout date: 7 April 2008
Duration: 36:33

“This is the belated rant for December, although, despite a tiny amount of Christmas related talk at the beginning, most of this rant refers to an article in the online Telegraph dated 7 April 2008, which is when I made the rant.
Some sense-starved junkalist, hiding behind the weasel phrase “”experts have warned””, presumes today to describe our use of the available bandwidth as less valid than his own use, for newspaper articles. I contend that anyone can write – at least at the stylistic level of his article, give or take a few spelling mistakes – whereas not everyone can produce entertaining and informative online video content. Therefore I go on to challenge the author of that article to produce his own video response to my rant, if he thinks that YouTube is such a bad idea, let him tell it to us face-to-face, over the camera.

On the way I give advice to town planners about traffic management in cities, and give a few pointers, which, if only listened to by the right ears, could greatly improve the quality of life for millions living in cities whose commuting plight today is largely caused by the control-freak complexes of minor government employees, and their inability to let free-market philosophy impact on road design.”

A really silly article suggesting that online video could cause the whole internet to grind to a halt. It’s ten years later and now we have even more views of even more films, many times over per day than back then, and maybe several times over as much iuploaded video material, and yet the internet we still have.

But did I see anything from that journalist or paper apologising for getting it wrong, for making us worry with no reason? Of course not. After all – THAT’S WHAT THEY ARE THERE FOR.

Quote of the clip: Perhaps the more intereting part of the rant however is the issue of Christmas trees and syncretism that comes at the start.

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